Amazing Turkey!

I have been to many places but Turkey will remain my favorite!

Last week I spent a great vacation in Antalya. We stayed in a huge hotel, with a lot of food, people, fun, swimming pools, entertainment! These days I have totally forgotten about work and everyday routine; I had a lot of fun and could relax to charge my batteries for coming new challenges.

Turkey will always inspire me! I never feel my self so good and so inspired as in Turkey. I can speak hours how much I love this place. I am sure I will come back to this country for many many times more! I miss already those beautiful small streets, delicious food and Turkish tea!

Here I share some photos with you from my last visit to this amazing country!

IMG_6991 IMG_7034 IMG_7051 IMG_7075 IMG_7086 IMG_7104 IMG_7095 IMG_7115 IMG_7130 IMG_7137


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