That’s OK!

Sometimes I wish a had a personal cook who would cook for us everyday or at least 2 times a week! But being a mother is energy and time consuming. So it’s totally normal to take away or something like that. In the beginning of my motherhood I stressed myself that I must give my […]

Cinnamon apple

Apple is my favorite fruit! I grew up in a house surrounded by apple trees. My grandfather was picking ripe apples and making me apple juice every day or was just peeling off the most beautiful apple from the tree for me. I must think of my grandfather if I eat flavorous and delicious apple. […]

For three of us

Before I write this post, I would like to let you know that I don’t like to cook and I look for the most easiest recipes ūüėČ Our baby is not a baby anymore, she is now one year old and it means she can eat from the same pot as me and my husband. […]

Nursery issues

Does anyone have the same tidy nursery as on the photos? So tidy and all colours are matching, I mean furniture matching colours is not a problem, but all clothes and accessories. Are these kind of nurseries realy exist? O_o I really tried to make nursery for my little girl as perfect as possible but […]


If you think that pacifiers is not an important issue, then you are very wrong.¬†I want to share with you my experience since I also thought that pacifiers is not an issue. We spent a fortune on pacifiers, there is such a big choice nowadays. And our daughter just doesn’t want any of them at […]

Maternity leave

I haven’t posted for so long. My bad! But I had a lifetime event in my life. I was pregnant and recently I became a mother of a beautiful baby girl. Pregnancy is such a magical moment and honestly I haven’t had any moment to be busy with my blog. Plus to everything we were […]