Valentino AW16

So obsessed with the latest Valentino collection AW16 which was introduced in Paris fashion week. I love ballet and I love, love! to dance ballet. That makes me be even more crazy about this collection. I really want to have all the items in my wardrobe. This collection is perfect!!!   Photo credit: Buro 24/7

Spring 2016

Some inspiration of one of the trends for coming spring. Seems like we can go out just in our pyjamas 🙂 but sexy, silk pyjamas! All photos are from

Burt’s bees

It’s not advertisement! 🙂 I just want to share with you my favorite brand of personal care. It’s very difficult to choose good personal care products among a super huge selection but I have found one and maybe this post will make you to try this brand and you will love it. So the brand […]

Healthy snack

I love vegetables and there are no days when I don’t eat them. Especially I love them grilled. It’s so easy to grill! I grill my favorite vegetables (zucchini, aubergine, paprika) few times a week and I snack with them or eat them as a side dish. So I always have grilled veggies in my […]

Bright side

Looking outside the window doesn’t make me happy because this grey weather must go away. Thinking of that there are two similar months ahead make me to dream a little of bright colors and colorful outfits. Can’t wait when it’s warm again!  


After all tasty/unhealthy food I ate during Christmas and New Year I really feel not my best. My belly is totally upset and I don’t feel fit anymore. So form today’s first monday of the year I start with detoxing my body by drinking every morning low warm water with lemon. Maybe I will also […]