Pretty flare

I was searching for flare pants for sometime already and could not find the ideal pair. So when I was in Istanbul I found these perfect flare corduroys. I did not think long and bought them. Of course I needed to adjust the length because I am not really tall so almost always I need […]

Through my eyes

People who know me good, know that Istanbul is my favorite place. I definitely must go to Istanbul once a year! This place is just fascinating for me. I love to visit different museums and old places, to capture the part of the history. And when you are in Istanbul you know that you will […]

Red #tbt

Because of today is Thursday, it means it is tbt today. So I found some photos which I have  not posted earlier. This is one of my first looks 🙂 I can not wait to have summer again to go out with no stockings on. I hope you like it!       Please share!

Amazing Turkey!

I have been to many places but Turkey will remain my favorite! Last week I spent a great vacation in Antalya. We stayed in a huge hotel, with a lot of food, people, fun, swimming pools, entertainment! These days I have totally forgotten about work and everyday routine; I had a lot of fun and […]