Daily makeup routine

In this post I would like to tell you and show what is my daily makeup routine 🙂

First of all I want to start it with a small story. Once I was obsessed with an idea to make eyelash extentions. But I did not dare to do it. First because I was afraid to lose my existing lashes and second I thought it was way too expensive and after you would need to repair them in order not to look like a plucked chicken.

So then I started to do my following makeup routine. I can call it invisible makeup just to make my eyes to look more bright since I consider my eyes not the brightest in the world.

I also would like to specify that for this make up I use only brown colors. I think only then makeup will look natural.

Soooo first of all I clean my face and apply moisturizer.

Here I am without make up but with clean and moisturized face.



After I apply very light BB cream and use concealer if needed 😉



After, just to make that fluffy eyelashes look I make blured line from the half of my eye to the top outer corner of the eye. I think Like this you can visually make your lashes look fluffy.


And then I apply mascara. I never apply mascara from roots to the ends of lashes, I do it only at the corners! Like this I think I make lashes look more natural but thick enough to make them brighter and fluffier.


And after all I add blush to the bones of the cheeks. I use warm pink blush to give that healthy look to my face. And I use nude lipstick to draw all attention to my eyes since they are not that big 🙂

So here is my 5 minute daily makeup routine and the photos before and after.



I am not makeup expert so don’t judge me strictly, all suggestions and remarks are welcome 🙂

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