Donovan’s Boutique

In my webshop there is a category “Unique” with the unique items which I create myself.

I don’t know if you have the same problem when you shop but I almost always face the problem that I can not find ideal items. I like it but there is something wrong with it.

So because I love to sue and create my own casual items I started this category to create for you my dears :). My style is really very simple and I love casual items that is why mostly you will find casual, comfy, everyday items in that category. So I really hope you like what I create and you can buy one of my creations! 🙂 I am sure there are girls who will share my opinion and style.

Here are some of the items. Use the links under the photos to see the item in the webshop.


Velvet top


Velvet top


Striped cropped top


Striped cropped top


Cropped sweatshirt


Cropped sweatshirt



Chameleon cropped top

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