Dreams come true

I can not tell that during my childhood I was dreaming to become a dancer.  In the first school it was obligatory to attend ballet lessons and since then I truly disliked ballet.

But few years ago I got a wish to learn to dance (I am very stiff in this respect ). And of course as everybody can imagine, with age without any basics and training, body becomes more difficult to get supple. So few years of attempts to find ballet classes (who would accept this stiff body) finished with no luck.

But then when I moved to Holland and forget about wish to try myself as a ballet dancer, I found it! I found ballet classes for adults! I could not be happier! And more than that, it is on a stone’s throw distance from my home!

Now I dance (well at least I think so :))! Every time when I go to ballet class I am getting better in my movements and getting more flexible. There are no boundaries for your body, just start to believe that you can do it and you will. And do not stop to believe in your dreams!


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