For three of us

Before I write this post, I would like to let you know that I don’t like to cook and I look for the most easiest recipes 😉 Our baby is not a baby anymore, she is now one year old and it means she can eat from the same pot as me and my husband. At first it was difficult for me to decide what I need to cook but after trying to use ten pots and pans cooking healthier for her I gave up. I just started to cook healthier for three of us! It is a win-win situation for our daughter and of course for us 🙂

Here I would like to share with you one of our dinner menus.

Chicken schnitzel.

First, I make the chicken breast as thin as possible, especially for my daughter (I make sure that chicken for her is cooked thoroughly)

When the chicken is ready I dip it first in all purpose flour. After I dip it in slightly whipped egg and at the end into breadcrumbs.

So after all manipulations your schnitzel must have a famous schnitzel look 🙂

So all you need to do now is to fry it. Because I also give it to my daughter, I use very little oil.

In the mean time I prepare spaghetti with veggies. For that I chop zucchini and peeled tomatoes in small cubes.

I wok them with a little basil and mix it with cooked spaghetti.

Now it’s time to serve. First I serve the plate of our little one (all is without salt).

And after all I add salt and serve dinner with salt 🙂 to us.

Bon appetit!

P.S. I didn’t use any salt on a schnitzel for our girl.

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