Healthy snack

I love vegetables and there are no days when I don’t eat them. Especially I love them grilled. It’s so easy to grill!

I grill my favorite vegetables (zucchini, aubergine, paprika) few times a week and I snack with them or eat them as a side dish. So I always have grilled veggies in my frige.

Just want to share with you that small recipe, because it’s so easy.

  1. Pick your favorite veggiesIMG_1518
  2. Cut them as you wishIMG_1519
  3. In a big bowl season veggies (any herbs you wish) and add some vergine olive oil IMG_1521
  4. Spread veggies on a backing paper IMG_1524
  5. Leave to grill in the oven with grill option for about 20 minutesIMG_1525

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