I take with me…

Summer comes quietly. It means that the summer vacation is not that far! And it means that it is already time to think what we take with us for vacation. I do not like to bring lots and lots of clothes in two or three suitcases!  I like to take the most important, otherwise if you miss something you can always buy it abroad ;). And the advantage of packing summer clothes is that they are so small, light and not bulky so you can fit them in the small suitcase.

Here I want to show you what I would take this summer with me, only important things. These items are so gorgeous and easy. I am just in love with them! I am sure in these outfits you will feel trendy, delicate like a flower, light, comfortable, charming, mysterious, sexy, playful – you name it!

All items are from http://www.zara.com/nl/en/woman-c358532.html

And of course do not forget to take your bikini, unless you plan to stay at a nude beach 🙂

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