Inspire yourself

Lately I am obsessed with fitness, clean eating and achieving a better body. Not that I am not happy with what I have but I want even better. More than that with this I can also gain better health.

With starting to sport I definitely started to mark big changes in my health, attention, mood, body, outlook on life. It helps me to feel myself more confident!

Further in my post I will give you some tips which help me to go further and do not quit.

Tip #1

The first  step and the most simple, start to follow strong people, who already achieved a lot. Read their advice and tips.  So that whenever you open your social networks you get inspired by the strongest everyday.

Here are my biggest inspirations.

My favorite kee_ma_la_shmexy. The most beautiful lady I ever saw



Charming leahpetersfitness




Gorgeous paigehathaway



Very strong and pretty leanna_carr




And very delicate and at the same time very strong alexandrabring


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