Maternity leave

I haven’t posted for so long. My bad! But I had a lifetime event in my life. I was pregnant and recently I became a mother of a beautiful baby girl.

Pregnancy is such a magical moment and honestly I haven’t had any moment to be busy with my blog. Plus to everything we were moving to a new place. I had an urge to nestle and my lovely husband supported me 😀

My pregnancy was quite easy without any complications and I enjoyed every moment of it despises the fact that I had problems with sleeping because I had terrible pain in my hips and overnight I had killing heartburn.

And delivery of my baby girl was very hard for me and also for my little miracle. My baby was quite big for my body so I had to work very hard to get her out of me 😀 !

I will try to post now more and share my experience as a new mother! And for now photos of me pregnant 🙂



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