If you think that pacifiers is not an important issue, then you are very wrong. I want to share with you my experience since I also thought that pacifiers is not an issue.

We spent a fortune on pacifiers, there is such a big choice nowadays. And our daughter just doesn’t want any of them at all. As soon as I try to put it in her mouth, she gives me such a glance as if I gave her a lemon 🙂 And I think that the problem is that in the hospital first thing what I gave her (besides my nipple ofcourse) was my pinky. Since then my little angle doesn’t want to have anything but my pinky (and nipple 😉 ). I don’t mind but sometimes I just need to go to the bathroom but she wouldn’t let me go because the only thing which make her to fall asleep is my pinky. At night she wants my pinky, outside when she cries all she needs is my pinky en so on! Especially outside I am not happy to give her my pinky since my hands can be probably dirty from touching all door handles and so on.

Now I have no idea what I need to do with this situation. I tried a lot of things and read forums and articles but nothing helps.

So my advise is to take pacifiers with you to the hospital when you go into labor. And don’t give your baby pinky! It will save you extra time for yourself 😉 I will also write in one of my next blog posts what you need to take to hospital with you since the lists I found on internet and brochures are not really practical, at list in my case.

I hope this small tip will be a little help for you!

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