Summer wishlist

I have been posting for a while. I was ill and had to concentrate on the recovery and now I back on track! Following items are all from Topshop is one of my favorite shops, there you can find almost everything you are looking for with the good price and quality. Today I want to […]

Inspire yourself

Lately I am obsessed with fitness, clean eating and achieving a better body. Not that I am not happy with what I have but I want even better. More than that with this I can also gain better health. With starting to sport I definitely started to mark big changes in my health, attention, mood, […]

I take with me…

Summer comes quietly. It means that the summer vacation is not that far! And it means that it is already time to think what we take with us for vacation. I do not like to bring lots and lots of clothes in two or three suitcases!  I like to take the most important, otherwise if […]

Dreams come true

I can not tell that during my childhood I was dreaming to become a dancer.  In the first school it was obligatory to attend ballet lessons and since then I truly disliked ballet. But few years ago I got a wish to learn to dance (I am very stiff in this respect ). And of […]

Spring Love Flowers

I am glad I live very nearby the world-famous Keukenhof Gardens.  I visit this place every year and believe me this is one of the most wonderful places. I charge there with so many positive emotions, ideas. It inspires me to make beautiful things and feel myself almost as a princess in a fairy tale . […]