Amsterdam X X X

I love Amsterdam! I would like to start this post with these words. Everytime I go to Amsterdam it’s like it is for the first time. It’s always so different as if it has a character and every time it’s different. You will never be able to remember all those beautiful small street with hundreds […]

My passion

Back to my childhood I loved to create and I sewed a lot of clothes for myself. I loved the process! Now when I have a little more time for my forever passion I went to a cloth store and I found this pretty faux fur! And I am so proud of myself! I made this […]

Studded madness

Ok, because it is almost the end of 2014 I want to declare that I still have not made photo with Valentino studded shoes 🙂 It is almost two years since these shoes are somehow must have of every fashion blogger. And every blogger must have had that photo with any color jeans and studded […]

Winter wonderland

It is soon, the best time of the year! How do you like to spend your Christmas holidays? Do you go somewhere or you stay in your town? This year we stay in our town and we will visit Christmas markets and all places filled with Christmas mood 🙂 So first place is in our […]