Daily inspiration

Following the shows of Paris Fashion week I am really inspired by two collections created by Christian Dior and Valentino. For me these collections are just perfect, you almost can go out for a dinner in a fancy restaurant in such clothes and not only on a red carpet 🙂 Can not wait to see […]

Liebster Award

OK, I was nominated for blog award which is Liebster Award. I was nominted by a very nice blog dancingintherain with very interesting blog posts. This award is not really award for me but it is just nice to get to know people behind the blogs. So I am very exited about this nomination. The rules […]


Well probably you can’t see properly on these photos but I have long knitted bodywarmer on. So usually I wear different bodywarmers in wintertime. It keeps me warm and it creates beautiful looks by adding extra layer, and it is so charming in my opinion.               Please share!

Is it 70s?

OMG! Following photos just blew my mind. I think long ago I have not seen work which made me so impressed and inspired. These photos are made by Tim Walker, to be honest I never heard about this photographer before but now I will remember his name forever 🙂 I like everything about these photos; […]

Inspired by a shop

The thing is I am so crazy about one special shop in Amsterdam. Lately I buy clothes from there and I am so insipred by that shop! Look at this pretty dress, it has something special about it.         Please share!