I saw Gaga in the same shoes which I have and to be honest I was quite suprised. First of all these shoes are from Zara, from the past season and I would never think that super start like Lady Gaga would wear something like this. Or is this Zara who repeat items from other […]

Summer dress

I so much love love love warm days and summer because you can wear dresses without stockings! I really would like to live in country with no winters 🙂 so I could have millions of dresses and change them few times a day! I can’t wait till it’s hot here to make pretty looks with […]


When I bought this red red bomber I immediately thought I will wear it with red red lipstick on. It looks so cool and actually for me unusual to put on red lipstick. But sometimes you need to go out of your comfort zone, isn’t it? And yes, it is still cold here in The […]

Made by me

One more post with a garment I made myself. I did not dare to sew denim but this time I was inspired by magazin LaMaisonVictor to make this skirt. And it turned out better then I thought! I really love it and I am so pleased with the result. This skirt is also very trendy […]