Late post

I’m back 🙂 I was away for a little break. There is so much happening in my life so I don’t have time to post. But I really want to do more for my blog. So this post is a little bit late, we took these photos when it was very warm and I could […]

So Dutch!

When I moved to Holland my style changed a little. Shame that I haven’t started the blog when I was living in Kazakhstan so I could compare the style now and then. But the thing is, I really liked one item, which almost every woman in Holland has. It is a tricot wrap dress. It […]

Classic jeans

Very rare I find perfect jeans. Actually, it was very funny how I bought this jeans. Well more better to say my husband bought them:). While I was shopping on my own (usually I don’t torture my husband with shopping) I saw this pair of jeans but I hesitated to buy them. And of course […]