Bright side

Looking outside the window doesn’t make me happy because this grey weather must go away. Thinking of that there are two similar months ahead make me to dream a little of bright colors and colorful outfits. Can’t wait when it’s warm again!   Please share!


Hi guys! It’s not a secret that I love basics! I am really skeptical when I see those fashion week guests dressed in outfits which they won’t wear anymore. I am more practical in this respect 🙂 In this photo I have collected all items which in my point of view will create a perfect […]

Late post

I’m back 🙂 I was away for a little break. There is so much happening in my life so I don’t have time to post. But I really want to do more for my blog. So this post is a little bit late, we took these photos when it was very warm and I could […]

Summer dress

I so much love love love warm days and summer because you can wear dresses without stockings! I really would like to live in country with no winters 🙂 so I could have millions of dresses and change them few times a day! I can’t wait till it’s hot here to make pretty looks with […]

Donovan’s Boutique

In my webshop there is a category “Unique” with the unique items which I create myself. I don’t know if you have the same problem when you shop but I almost always face the problem that I can not find ideal items. I like it but there is something wrong with it. So because I […]