Long ago…

And again it is Thursday and again it means #tbt 🙂 I found some very old photos, like 6 years old photos. But  what is special about these photos is that those days I had beautiful long hair! Sometimes I regret that I cut them short but on the other hand it is much easier […]

Dreams come true

I can not tell that during my childhood I was dreaming to become a dancer.  In the first school it was obligatory to attend ballet lessons and since then I truly disliked ballet. But few years ago I got a wish to learn to dance (I am very stiff in this respect ). And of […]

First things

Here is my first real  post. I am so excited! I was coming to the thought to run my own blog for a long time and now it is a right time. Maybe because “today” I have a bit of middle age crisis 😉 and I must embody myself in some project, which would be […]